Easy Oriental Rug Cleaning Ideas

Today rugs are looked upon as a necessity for any contemporary furnished home. Having in your home a few of these marvelously decorated pieces of art speaks of excellent taste. Rugs are among the most sought after home furnishings. The modern way of life has created a great demand for various types of rugs– silk, cotton and wool and different types of synthetic fabrics, of traditional or modern make. The rug industry sells its products as pieces of art delivering great warmth and comfort. However, as usual with any household possession, there comes the need to be kept clean and spotless. Currently there are lots of rug cleaning companies in London ready to deliver any kind of rug cleaning services in London.
Still, you can can do a lot to minimize the need for a professional rug cleaning interventions. Tight and strict maintenance schedule will save you time, money and many unpleasant situations. Moreover, it will relieve your daily routine.

You do not have to worry when you face the dilemma whether to go out or start cleaning your rugs. Over the Internet every home owner can gain access to numerous professional rug cleaning tips. Rug cleaning shares a lot of common features with carpet cleaning. However, there are some slight but important differences.


Oriental Rugs– an old- fashioned away to clean a rug is simply to take it out and beat the the dust off. This way lots of loose debris and dust is removed from the rug. In the case of spillage you should act fast. Bring your cleaning tools out of the closet and start treating the spot immediately. Blot with clean towel/ cloth and rinse with water. In case of severe spillages it is recommended to hire a professional rug cleaning company.
Persian rugs- rugs tend to accumulate lots of dust and dirt. They act as a kind of air filter and regular vacuuming is effective up to a point. As time passes more and more dirt and dust is absorbed and reaches to the bottom of the rug where commercial vacuum cleaners can not clean. In such cases a deep clean is required.
Wool rugs- you can start with simply removing your shoes when you come home. It is helpful to avoid placing the rug in a heavy traffic areas thus reducing the damage on the rug fibers.