Dyson Vacuum Cleaners – What I don’t Like

My last two posts talked about the virtues for the Dyson Animal and what I liked most about the vacuum.  Today I thought I’d talk about a few things I don’t like.


Actually, there’s not much, if anything, that I find I don’t like about our Dyson but, I have had a couple parts fail.

The first failure was about 9 months ago.  I went to empty the canister and while tapping on the upper part of the canister to clean out the cyclone chambers of the fine dirt particles – as per the instructions – the hinge on the bottom flap (that seals the canister) broke.  Odd I thought because a light tap is all that’s needed to clean the chambers and that’s what I’ve always used.

As mentioned in my first post, this is a refurbished Dyson Animal and was well out of it’s 6 month warranty. I called Dyson the next day to get pricing info.  During the call, the woman asked me some questions – when and where purchased and also the model number.  After giving her this info and knowing full well that she’d know this was only a 6 month warrantied vacuum, she proceeded to tell me a new canister part would be sent out that day – FREE of charge!

Thank you very much!

The other part to fail was the carpet tool. The tool is a two piece tool so that it can swivel. One time, while removing the tool from the holder, the top part of the tool came out but not the bottom part. CRAP!  This was my monthly poker night and I needed to do a quick vacuuming of the table to! The is a collar that holds the two pieces together that is made out of thin plastic. The collar failed.

I checked prices and being the cheap (I like to think frugal) person I am, I decided to glue the collar back on where it had broke just to see how long it would last.  That was about 4 months ago and the original part is still going strong.

I’ve talked to a couple other owners who have experienced the same part failure so I would hope that Dyson has addressed this on later models – especially since they are now giving 5 year warranties on all new Dysons. If not, a little super glue and rubber bands seems to be the ticket rather than a new tool.

And about 2 months ago the brush attachment did the same thing and the glue job has worked so far on that part too.

I also had a friend of ours, Donna, report that there hose began ripping down where it attaches to the bottom of the vacuum. I told her to call Dyson – they also purchased a refurbed DC07 – but her husband Joel simply cut off the hose above the tear and put the hose back on.

Other than that, I’ve not had any other parts fail nor know of anyone else who’s reported a failure of any main component part.

However, I can’t deny that Dyson canister vacuum is the best brand out there to choose for vacuum your house and any purpose in cleaning. So that if you are looking for the dyson canister vacuum reviews 2016, I think my post can help you get the different view before buying.