Buying Guide for Upright Vacuum Cleaner

It is important to know both what you want, and what you need, before purchasing a vacuum cleaner. The choice is not always as simple as liking the look of a particular vacuum. What the machine has as features and capabilities can be equally as important. The machine must be specific enough to your needs that it can be seen as a quality purchase that is not a waste of your money and time. Vacuums can be rather pricey at times, and you must know that the money you are spending is worth it.

The first thing you need is to know what it is that you are looking for. You have to consider things like the weight and dimensions of a vacuum. If that machine is too heavy and bulky for your frame and strength, then what good will it do you? If the bag or dirt compartment is too small for the large area you have to clean, it is not likely to do you much good. Moreover, if you have a need for an industrial cleaner for a workspace or office area, then a household cleaner just simply will not do.

One of the first things you should consider when buying is the whether you want a lightweight or heavyweight cleaner. The lightweight versions are often quality vacuums like any other. The technology of today allows for vacuums of almost any weight to still pack the suction power of any many heavyweight vacuums. That said, the larger vacuums do carry the added value of more components and additions involved. While all the bells and whistles are not necessary for everyone. You may have particular add-ons and capabilities that can only be found on heavyweight vacuum models.


Bagged or unbagged as well as cleaning and storage should be considered before purchasing a vacuum as well. Bagged vacuums carry the obvious extra work of buying bags when needed. Bags can also sometimes be a mess. Unbagged vacuums can sometimes come with their own headaches as well, since disposing of the mess can sometimes be tricky. The cleaning of the unbagged vacuum can also be an added hassle, but some prefer the slight inconvenience to buying extra bags.

No matter what vacuum you choose, remember to keep the basics in mind before purchasing. That way you will never regret a purchase, whether it is a lightweight bag vacuum, or a heavyweight unbagged version.