Best Places to Keep a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Sometimes, you inevitably will have to pull out a traditional model of vacuum cleaner for certain projects. However, often times a handheld vacuum will do the job without the trouble of having to carry around a bulky alternative. A lightweight handheld vacuum is such an asset to have for these sorts of cleaning jobs, you’ll wonder how you ever dealt with dirt and debris without one.

The garage:


The Garage Always Needs Vacuuming. Whether you like to work on cars, do woodworking, or whatever else you may be doing out in the garage, chances are it’s going to be a messy project. Garages tend to get covered in dirt, sawdust, kitty litter for cleaning up spilled oil, etc.. These can be a nightmare to clean up if left to build up over time. However, a handheld vacuum in the garage can allow you to take care of these little messes when they present themselves so you don’t end up needing an industrial model to deal with a load of garage debris.

Near stairs:

Hand Held Vacuum Cleaners Are Amazing For Stairs. Stairs always present a challenge when it comes to cleaning, especially if they’re carpeted. Those with hardwood stairs can at least use a broom to tackle these messes, but if like myself your homes stairs are carpeted, the (possibly dangerous) hassle involved in either trying to lug the vacuum up each stair or using a hose attachment really makes you wince at the thought of getting around to cleaning them. This is where your handheld vacuum really shows its worth, removing almost all of the work and strain that would come with this sort of cleaning project.

Your car:

Keep your vacuum in car

Keep your vacuum in car

Unless you plan on driving up to a car wash that has a high powered vacuum you insert 50 cents to use, or pull out your bulky vacuum cleaner (plus hose attachment) and extension cord, a hand held vacuum cleaner makes cleaning out your car a lot easier. Cars tend to accumulate junk like little wrappers, dirt/salt from shoes, food, etc. pretty quickly, and going through the work to really vacuum it out is hard to motivate yourself to get started on. Besides that, cars are full of little nooks and small places that all of this can get trapped in easily. A vacuum with portability makes cleaning up these things before it really starts building up a quick and painless chore.

Anywhere with smokers

No matter what anyone says about how clean they are with their cigarettes, areas people commonly smoke in are bound up end up with some loose ashes or or other cigarette debris in the vicinity. It’s a pain to wipe this up all the time and its not something you want being swept off and rubbed into the carpet. Having that portable vacuum nearby to suck up ashes and whatnot that have been left behind makes cleaning up after a group of smokers just that much easier.
A handheld vacuum cleaner can work wonders for your home anywhere, but these are just a few specific places that you’ll find one especially useful. Over time, you’ll soon discover more and more places that your hand vacuum simply shines in comparison to your clunky, cumbersome model, and like myself, never look back!