Owning a pet has its good points and bad ones, but thanks to the Hoover BH50030 LINX topping the hand vac ratings you can have a fur free home again. Dogs and cats shed their hair quite a lot and it can be difficult to keep you home clean and free from fur, but thanks to the hand vac ratings for the Hoover, this little hand vac packs a mean punch when it comes to sucking up that dog fur.

It has a sleek design, and the nozzle digs deep into upholstery and carpets to pick up the most stubborn of fur. The brush end has a see-through indicator so you can really see it working, and thanks to the 25 degree pivotability, which other units in the hand vac ratings don’t do, helps it manoeuvre more easily. There is a three blade design that digs in, lifts and aids the suction to remove the fur. As there is no cord you can use it anywhere around the home, and thanks to the Lithium Ion battery there is a fade free suction that is powerful enough to keep your home clean.

The pet upholstery tool is specifically designed to pick up fur that has tied itself to carpets and stops any blockages once it’s been sucked up. The canister is see-through, so you can see exactly how much fur has been removed and you know when to empty it. Simply screw off the canister and tip into the trash, you shouldn’t need to get your hands dirty. The Hoover tops the hand vac ratings with the Energy Star Rating battery, that means that the recharging ability is energy efficient and helps the environment.

As the Hoover is cordless, you can clean the stairs more easily, or use it in your car. For delicate surfaces, such as wood flooring, there is a different nozzle that is safe to use but doesn’t lose any suction. Thanks to a six year warranty on the vacuum itself, and the battery and charger coming with a two year warranty, it’s yet another few reasons why this one tops the hand vac ratings and is such a great seller.

When you have a pet and want a clean home, then just look at how the Hoover Platinum LINX Pet Cordless tops the hand vac ratings. With a strong motor, long warranty and versatile brushes and tools, it’s hard not to choose it right away.

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