How to Clean Advantium Oven

People nowadays have rediscovered the enjoyment of cooking without its long time obligation. It is basically because of this new invention called advantium oven which makes cooking time a lot easier and faster. Advantium equipmentconnects the power of light. Advantium oven uses both halogen lights and microwaves to cook food up to ten times faster than a traditional oven especially when it comes to meat or chicken. It has radiant heat that is produced by halogen bulbs on top and below the food. This halogen-produced heat obtains advance microwave energy that cooks the outer part of the food just like what a traditional oven does. In addition, the food is cook evenly and fast while keeping its natural moisture. With advantium oven you can choose as well between a 240 volt oven and a 120 volt oven. A 240 volt oven bakes, microwaves, browns, broils, roasts and grills up to ten times faster than a traditional oven with no preheating necessary; while a 120 volt oven cooks food up to five times faster than a traditional oven without also the need of preheating process.


The advantium oven also functions in three extra modes, as a convection oven, microwave or warmer. Because of its stainless steel interior, cleaning is extremely easy and should be done every after use to preserve its utmost performance. To clean an advantium oven, you will need a dirt free cloth, paper towels, soap, razor scraper and stainless steel cleaner.

Cleaning Procedure

Turn off the oven and unplug from socket. Wait for a few minutes to cool it down. Make sure it is cool enough before you touch it.
With the use of a paper towel, wipe out the leaks and splashes within the advantium oven.
Wash the cloth using warm water and soap and take away stubborn or oily spots.
Remove the soap out of the cloth and clean the surface for the second time with just plain water.
If there is any stain which normally looks like a yellowing on the metal surface, remove it using a commercial stainless steel cleaner. Follow the product manual procedure.
Clean the turntable in warm, soapy water and let it dry completely.

To clean the oven base, make sure that the turntable is detached then wipe it with a warm, soapy cloth.
Wipe up the halogen light cover with a warm, soapy cloth or a plastic scrubber. Remove burned-on foods from the light cover using the razor scraper that came with the oven when necessary.
Take notice also of the oven’s mica sheet which is on the center top subsequent to the halogen lamp cover. Regularly clean this with a warm, soapy cloth.

Do not use a metal rubbing pad to clean your advantium oven because small pieces of metal may crack off and stay in the oven causing a danger of electrical alarm.
It is not recommended to use commercial oven cleaner or harsh cleansers in your advantium oven.


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